Mika's Fun Adventurers

Touching the eiffel tower

Welcome to Mika's Fun Adventurers!

My name is Mika. I am a couple years short of being a
teenager. My parents created this blog for me because I love reading and
writing. They figured this would serve as a way for me to showcase my writing
and become a better writer.

In addition to my love of reading and writing, I enjoy
listening to music, ice skating, and designing doll clothes. I am also fluent
in Haitian Creole and I have taken some French classes. I am currently learning
to play the piano using the Suzuki method.

This blog will discuss our vacations and the places we
visit. I will also write about the fun adventures I go on. I sometimes take my own pictures. So please follow me as I travel worldwide and
have fun too.

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