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Bateaux Mouches

Bateaux Mouches


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Today, we are going on the Bateaux Mouches; you do not pronounce the s. So you would pronounce it as moosh. The Bateaux Mouches is boat tour. Travel with me to the Bateaux Mouches.


bateaux mouches
Bateaux Mouches

The Bateaux Mouches is a cruise on the Seine that lasts around one hour. The company also has lunch, brunch, and dinner cruises and shows. No reservations are required. Adult tickets cost 15 euros, while tickets for children under 13 years old cost six euros. Children under four years old ride free. Tickets are valid for two years after purchase.


My mom is here to get us from my cousin’s house. We actually spent the weekend here. Haitians do not do sleepovers, but there is an exception for close relatives. Their house is a lot of fun, but both of their parents are at work, and we must return to our apartment. My Auntie T is here in Paris from the United States. She is visiting with her sister and two friends. Today is the last day before they return to the United States, so we want to have fun together. 


We stop at our apartment in Paris to drop off our backpacks and then catch the metro. It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to get to them. We take the Line 9 train and get off at Alma-Marceau. You can see the Bateaux Mouches sign from a distance. It is located near the Eiffel Tower.


Notre Dame from bateaux mouches
View of the Notre Dame from the Bateaux Mouches

We can see our aunties from a distance. We all get excited, waving and smiling. We hug each and talk. Suddenly one of my aunties takes out a box of pizza. Our eyes open wide because it is past our lunchtime. We  are so thankful. What would life be like without aunties? We are blessed. 


A little shop sells chips, ice cream, and drinks for the tour. So, we are getting some ice cream and chips. We are getting on the boat tour that starts in one hour. As we are waiting for the boat to arrive, it is starting to rain. The boat arrives a few minutes later, but we still have to wait for the previous people to exit. They are also doing other stuff like cleaning, which is taking forever. 


Finally, we are getting on the boat. The boat has two decks. I am surprised people are going on the top deck because it is raining, and the seats on top are probably wet. We are going to sit on the bottom deck. Now the boat tour is starting. We pass a lot of bridges and apartments. When I mean lots of bridges, I mean lots of bridges. Some buildings look fancy, but I am unsure if they are apartments or not. I also see Notre Dame, the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, and Pont Alexander III. You can check out this YouTube video to see the tour. The entire tour takes around one hour. Now, we are back at Bateaux Mouches HQ, as I like to call it.


Now that we are hungry, we will find something to eat. Right when we exit the HQ, there is a food truck. So, we are heading over there. Since I arrived in Paris, I have been obsessed with crepes. It is like a huge, thin pancake folded with different ingredients inside. I love crepes with chocolate inside. So, I am getting that, of course. It costs less than five euros. My brother is also getting that. It is delicious, like always. 


We all walk toward the metro and talk some more. We hug and wish my aunties a safe flight the following day. It is still drizzling, but we will be ok. We walk back to the metro so we can return to our apartment because it has been a long day, so we are tired.


pont alexandre III
Pont Alexandre III

I enjoyed the Bateaux Mouches. It allowed me to see places in Paris I would not have seen on Land. I also enjoyed spending time with my aunties. One of them got us a Helyco as a gift. A toy lights up and flies. I cannot wait to return to the States to use mine. I do not want to lose it in Paris. 


I hope you enjoyed coming to the Bateaux Mouches with me. Thank you!


See you on my next adventure.

mika's fun adventurers

mika's fun adventurers

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